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Reviews of The Golden Valley:

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Kirkus Reviews < link to full Kirkus Review >

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This nonfiction debut illuminates the cultural heritage of the Golden Valley region in eastern Tibet, including its art, furniture, and rituals.

Huber and Glantz gather information available nowhere else; they set the record straight on matters such as what is or is not a reading desk; they get into the nitty-gritty of materials, techniques, and changing styles; and they provide a wealth of photographs documenting their study.

An invaluable resource for students of Tibetan Buddhist art, history, symbolism, and culture.

Midwest Book Reviews < link to full Midwest Book Review >

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Critique from Midwest Book reviews: Illustrated with full-color photography throughout, The Golden Valley: The Untold Story of The Other Cultural Center of Tibet is an exquisite tour of the art and cultural history of Tibet's Golden Valley region. Monastic art is not displayed in a vacuum; the text thoughtfully chronicles Tibet's rich and sometimes violent history, as well as the purpose and symbolism of works, and how they enriched daily life and prayers at Buddhist monasteries. As much an introduction to the faith, culture, and way of life of Golden Valley artists as it is a display of art, The Golden Valley is highly recommended for personal, public, and college library art history collections.


Dab of Darkness Book Reviews < link to full Dab of Darkness review >

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Critique from Dab of Darkness: Part history book, part art book, part documentary, this book is a real treasure trove on the Golden Valley of Tibet. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much was covered! There’s maps of the area, photos of the art, a written record of some of the oral histories of the place, and a beautiful section explaining numerous images used in Tibetan art. While I am a newbie to much of this, I felt this book is a good resource for both those new to Tibetan art and those who have a dedicated interest.

What I Liked: Lots of photographed examples of the various art; the explanations of the  symbols/themes; maps!; a detailed history of the region; great cover!

What I Disliked: Nothing! It’s a great book on the region, suited to many audiences.


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