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The Golden Valley ~ The Untold Story of the Other Cultural Center of Tibet

The Collaboration

The writing of The Golden Valley is a collaborative effort between Dave Glantz and David Huber. David Huber has spent twelve years studying the region’s artwork, gathering oral histories and research information with the generous and skillful assistance of his many Tibetan friends and scholars. He has also used his prior experience in the custom furniture and art restoration fields to analyze the construction of the cabinetry and artwork. Dave Glantz draws upon his expertise as a professional market researcher and traveler to Tibet, to analyze and further interpret this abundant collection of facts and data, and tell its extraordinary story.

About the Authors

Dave Glantz

Dave Glantz has over 25 years of experience as an educator, international consultant and market researcher, designing and directing qualitative and quantitative studies for leading government contractors, federal agencies, associations and Fortune 500 companies. In addition to survey research, Dave’s passion for his work has led him to conduct hundreds of focus groups and over a thousand in-depth interviews across four continents with senior government and military decision makers, medical professionals, NGO personnel, congressional staffers, business executives, consumers, students and many other audiences. His research spans such widely varying topics as cybersecurity, international development work, college financing, and the use of the International Space Station’s national laboratory, among dozens more.

Dave’s research focuses on thought leadership, branding, website usability, satisfaction and loyalty, and capture research, as well as concept, message and ad evaluation. These studies are proprietary, and consequently his reports are not for public release. However, he has also authored and edited numerous other articles and essays in research-oriented publications and international journals, addressing social and political issues. Examples include his 2008 analysis of how a president Obama or McCain would conduct U.S. foreign policy; and a 2015 call to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.

Dave holds a M.A. in Political Studies (International Relations) and B.A., History (minoring in Art History), from the University of Manitoba in Canada. He is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).

David Huber

David Huber worked for USNSGA for nearly ten years, with six of those years on the intel side completing several “special missions”, as they were then called. He specialized as an in-theater tactical analyst whose primary objective was to locate targets for exploitation and then provide advance warnings for the team in the event of detection by hostile forces. His final years at the agency focused on counter-espionage, completing 88 special assignments. These included working with and alongside US military allies in the Pacific Rim as an advisor during joint operations. These last special assignments culminated in his developing a security procedure and protocol manual that was adopted service-wide.

Following his government career, David leveraged his skills as an art and antique furniture restoration expert for insurance companies, museums and private clients. He quickly branched into custom furniture design and manufacturing, working in these combined fields for over 20 years. After consulting for corporate America in various fields and becoming disillusioned with what he felt to be the corporate world’s inadequate business ethics, he commenced his current endeavor of saving the surviving Tibetan art in the Golden Valley and started research on the history, art, culture and philosophy of the area, dedicating 12 years to this study.

David has an A.A. degree in Computer Science from Coleman College, and a B.S. in the Bible from Southern Christian University, and attended seminary at Turner Theological Seminary.

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