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Book The golden valley cover

The book is a chronicle of the geopolitical history and the art of the Golden Valley. Tracing the tumultuous history of the valley from the 7th century to the present day, a history sometimes triumphant but often atrociously tragic, provides the backdrop for the many influences on the evolution of its art, whether from enlightened Buddhist teachers or murderous invading armies.

Richly photographed, the book not only features the art itself – from exquisite centuries-old wall hangings to ingeniously designed furniture, all produced by dedicated monks – but also explains in unprecedented detail the symbolism and philosophy incorporated into these pieces, their stunning decorations serving a dual purpose as teaching devices.

Finally, the book introduces the reader to daily life at the monasteries. It delves into the everyday routines of the monks and nearby villagers, and the continued practice, even under today’s repressive conditions, of such ancient and profound rituals as the chanting of special mantras, sutras and pujas. These and other rites are explained in great detail, right down to the deep significance of the simple act of spinning a prayer wheel.

Taken together, the art showcased in this book is meant to guide the reader into the culture, mind and faith of the artists and their communities, and tell their previously untold story.

Symbolism in Tibetan Buddhist art meanings

This exploration and explanation of Tibetan Buddhist symbols uses full color images of the actual art work painted over the centuries. Explanations are offered into the various layers of those meanings and how they can be applied by any person seeking truth and self-awareness, often referred to as nirvana. The actual teachings of Buddha are used to explain the Path to Awareness.

Instead of just line drawings of a single symbol, the context is kept and expounded on so the reader can fully appreciate the depth of meaning. For instance, cinnabar surrounded by flames and kusha grass set in the Mahamudra mists conveys a powerful multilayered instruction on how to use the cinnabar to arrive at primordial wisdom. Symbols of an esoteric nature are fully explained as well as the common symbols, thus providing an in depth look and understanding of Buddhism.



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